"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind,  cannot change anything."
— George Bernard Shaw
Take The Guesswork Out of 
Planning Your Business Future
Audit your business, understand all your threats and opportunities and create
strategies for your recovery or growth.
Why This Health Check Works?
  • Understanding where you are
  • Most businesses have set sights on where they want to be. As a result, they are determined to achieve those goals. This means they will generally set aside the tasks that are deemed too small or unimportant at that time.
  • Now we are faced with a new normal!
  • ​Financially, some businesses thrived, some remained steady and others have suffered terribly. The effect of the lockdowns, negativity and disruption in our daily activities has had a large impact. On our social wellbeing, mindset, relationships both personal and professional and economies.
  • ​As a business leader, you will understand how much pressure was present prior to a global pandemic to achieve so much for the business.
  • ​Now, with this tool, you can assess everything that you do currently. It is a chance to get clear on what you do well and not so well.
  • ​This is an opportunity to be honest about what is

Assess Your Business Activities

Work through the assessment that reviews all aspects within your business to get clear on how you are directing your resources and energy.

Review The

You can review the report that is presented with your business analysis to better understand what are the elements that need attention.

Plan Your Business Activities

As an organisation you can craft strategies and plan which elements are priorities and which activities are secondary for both short and long term objectives.

Collaborate More

Your organisation will be able to better align with internal and external parties with greater clarity and focus.
The Assessments Are Built On Real Life Business Workshops
The assessments are based on various workshops run by business consultants for different size businesses in different industries. The assessments cover various aspects and activities that organisations perform. They are designed to allow you to better understand all the strategies that have been created. As well as all the tactics that you are employing to achieve all your short and long term goals.
Concise Report Output
The assessment that your organisation undertakes is designed to give you a report based on your individual responses. Most businesses are constantly working to resolve problems they perceive are priorities. 

This may be without understanding what other elements may affect the business. The report is designed to help your organization get a broader picture of every element within the organisation. This will give you a base point for which to build your strategy for the recovery or growth of your organization whilst working strategically.
Different Size Assessments To 
Suit Your Business
The assessment sizes differ to suit the level of complexity and systems within your business. 

The BOSS (Business Opportunities, Scaling and Strategic) assessments are created for organizations in different industries, sizes and business life cycle. It is important to note that by taking the assessment, regardless of size, you are already a step ahead of other organizations.
Foundation Assessment
The foundation assessment is designed to give you an insight into your organization.

For an organization that may already have a consultant engaged, this may offer a refresher or wider view for the organization. 

For start-ups or small businesses this will be a chance to get a better understanding of what elements need to be worked through. 

To either strengthen and navigate the business through the effects of 2020 or to facilitate the growth and future direction of the business.
Growth Assessment
The growth assessment incorporates the small assessment and adds more questions within each subject. 

Any size business can take this assessment and this is designed to be a more comprehensive look at the elements within your business. 

Organizations that are already used to strategy and planning within all their efforts will easily work this assessment. 

Organizations that are unsure with the strategies and tactics they have employed previously, will get a better and broader understanding and view of their organization and how each element or change affects something else in the business. 

Most organizations take this assessment as it gives them a larger breakdown of all that they can improve.
Scaling Assessment
The scaling assessment is designed for businesses that have a lot of systems that are already being deployed within their organisation. 

This is a very comprehensive assessment and may require team assistance to cover all questions that are provided. 

The depth of the assessment and the size of the report will give your organisation the base to better understand every element within your short (12 month) to long term plans (5 + years).
6 Pillars Of Your Business Success
Each assessment covers the 6 pillars of your business. There are 22 subjects, that make up the 6 pillars, that are covered in each of the 3  assessments. 
As a business and thought leader your choice of assessment will determine how in depth you review your organisation. The growth and scaling assessments may require team assistance or support to ensure that you complete it appropriately to all the activities you are currently undertaking.

It is important to remember that the assessment is designed to give you a report based on your individual responses. This will give you a base point for which to build your strategy for the recovery or growth of your business. Therefore it is in the best interest of your organisation to be as an accurate and honest in regards to what is happening within your organisation. For topics relating to your teams, working relationships, partnerships and external parties like suppliers, it may be important to get clear on how each separate party may be engaging.
This is much more important than ever considering the effect that lockdowns has had on many people.
Re-acquainting with what makes better relationships will ultimately help most organisations navigate to their recovery and/or growth.
Create Your Priority List
Most business find themselves creating plans and long term goals but then having to set them aside to deal with day to day issues.

Conducting this assessment allows an organization to refocus their efforts. To identify all the elements that need attention and create a base point for all actions.

Being open whilst working through any of the assessments will allow you to get a report that allows you to better understand everything you are doing well and not so well.

The report will also highlight how certain aspects affect other elements thereby allowing you to reinforce the business and ensure you get the best ROI on various strategies you implement.

As an organization you will be able to create your priority list and identify what internal and external resources will be required to complete them effectively.

It is important to seek external help if the internal assets cannot achieve the objective especially if this stops the organization being efficient!

Priority List

  • Marketing strategy
  • Blogs
  • Video Content
  •  Team Bonding
  • Sales Scripts

Resources Required

  • Consultant
  • Team members
  • Internal team + external parties
  •  Events planning, schedules, feedback on team activities
  • Brand guide, mission, copywriter, etc
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